mum opening Storksak cabin carry-on scuba black hospital/ weekend bag, mum holding baby and carrying Stevie luxe scuba black changing bag
You think you’ve seen it all and then a wonder material pops up out of nowhere. That’s how the Storksak Design Team feel about scuba. After collecting a swatch card from a fabric market on a research trip, our Design Team developed a slight obsession with this material. Who knew it was so versatile, somehow managing to look both casual AND super sleek? This material definitely deserves to be used for more than just water-sports. Not convinced? Read a little more to find out why this material is the ultimate choice for your changing bag.
Mum out with her stroller organiser luxe black on the stroller with the baby. She is also carrying her Poppy Luxe black changing bag as a convertible bag over her shoulder.

Is scuba not just for wetsuits?

Most people know scuba or neoprene as a material used for wetsuits. The foamy layer soaks up water and your body warms it, creating a heated layer around you. Perfect if you’re floating around in open water but it doesn’t exactly sound like the ideal material for a changing bag - so why does it work so well? 

What makes scuba so good for a changing bag?

Firstly, we add a water-resistant treatment to the material so it doesn’t soak up water or any other liquids. Once this is fixed all the other features of this material make it our no.1 choice for a changing bag. A lightweight changing bag is a must so the air filled foam keeps your bag light while the thickness of the material adds structure ensuring your bag is easy to access and doesn’t just collapse when it’s only half full. While the tight double knit outer layer gives a smooth premium finish that is easy to clean and maintains its sleek appearance even with the daily use expected for the product.water resistant scuba material with water droplets

Is it durable?

We have selected a high grade scuba that means it doesn’t stretch and sag with lots of use. It does have a little bit of give if you need to squeeze in a couple of extra nappies, but quickly springs back to its original state. We tested our scuba rigorously to check it meets the same standards as our other materials and are confident it keeps its structure, appearance and quality through anything a day in the life of a parent can throw at it. 

How are the insulating benefits of scuba used?

The matching FAB bags = ‘food and bottle bags’ that come with your scuba changing bag are also made from the same material, meaning our scuba FAB bags are double insulated. They have the insulating scuba on the outside, a layer of insulation and then a thermo-reflective lining inside helping to keep warm milk bottles at the right temperature for longer. 
mum opening her St James Scuba Black changing bag, showing the interior with multiple pockets and a front flap.

How does the material affect the design of the bag?

Our design team had to test various methods of using this material. The spongy texture is not very forgiving on stitch lines and during production the material can be easily stretched by the weight of the industrial machines. We collaborated with our manufacturer to tweak the designs and production methods so we worked with the material, not against it. Now, we see it was so worth the effort and months of research as in the end we have a collection that looks totally different from anything else out there. Judging by the fact that this collection has multiple bestsellers, it really is the best feeling to know our customers appreciate the effort too.

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