Storksak sustainability & material innovation

As designers we have a responsibility to use the most environmentally safe materials and manufacturing practices we can. We’re highly aware of the impact manufacturing has on our planet and are aware that making anything new adds to the never-ending quantity of stuff. It’s going to take some time to fully implement, but we’re beginning to make the changes that matter.

We’re constantly pushing ourselves and our suppliers to not to accept the easiest options, which are usually the most readily available, but to find new innovate materials that limit waste and are safer for our planet.

We make products of high quality to last, and adhere to the strict testing standards and ethical manufacturing practices that make the difference. We hope to learn and innovate from our experience as parents, technicians and designers to bring you the best sustainably.



The Woodland Trust are an organisation protecting the woodland across the UK. We have a responsibility to use the most environmentally safe materials and manufacturing practices we can and we vow to be more sustainable in 2021. They are our chosen charity partner for 2021. Find out more about the Woodland Trust here.


We have ensured our organic cotton supply chain is free from malpractice, the raw cotton is picked in the US on farms that adhere to strict ethical and sustainable processes. No harmful chemicals are used in its manufacture, making it safer for the environment.​ Our 100% organic cotton is kinder to even the most sensitive skins as well as caring for the planet. 


In today’s society where excessive plastic waste is damaging our planet, we are looking at ways to reduce our environmental impact. Creating functional bags from waste is our first step on this journey. Our ECO TRAVEL range is made from RPET, recycled polyester. A process which turns plastic bottles into usable fabric, reducing the amount of waste in landfill and decreasing water and energy consumption.

This special ECO edition uses the same patented innovative design as the Travel main range but has been reinvented with our planet in mind.


Our leathers are responsibly sourced & are a byproduct of the meat industry. We only use natural dyes and never use harmful tanning agents (such are Chromium). Our suppliers use cow leather that have been reared on sustainable farms. Most importantly, real leather is a durable material, and our great design is made to last. Our bags will be used for years and babies to come.



Our hooded towels and washcloths are made from luxurious 100% viscose from Bamboo yarn. Super soft and gentle and naturally hypoallergenic for use on babies delicate skin. It’s ultra absorbent and quick-drying properties make it easy to use and beautifully soft to touch. 

Our designers found that blending this naturally quick drying viscose from Bamboo yarn with Organic cotton, resulted in a fabric that’s almost as soft as silk. We use this luxuriously soft material for our muslin squares and swaddles. 



ECOCERT are constantly researching the best ingredients to use for our bodies and for the planet. They are committed to supporting the best agricultural practices as well as reducing unnecessary packaging. Find out more about our Organic Skincare range here.

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