Storksak bags are designed to withstand the stresses that parents subject them to, and are made from premium and high tech materials. We offer a limited repair service, however we believe that by giving you the know-how to look after you bag, will help keep your bag looking its best for as long as possible.

General care

Care must be taken with all our bags and accessories to avoid scuffing against rough surfaces that could cause scratches and tears. The base and corners of any bag will naturally wear first, which is considered within our normal range of ‘wear and tear’. 

It is normal for threads at the end of a stitch line to loosen slightly over time. The threads can easily be trimmed down and will not cause any damage to your bag. 


Leather is a natural material and is durable and strong, but the nature of the leather means the leather will soften as it ages. Loss of structure would be considered normal wear and tear. Our leathers have a durable top surface applied to them, this help to protect the bag from liquids, it is normal for the surface layer to show signs of wear in areas of heavy use eg. corners and handles. You can use leather products to repair signs of wear in these areas.

You may also choose to regularly use a leather cream to keep the leather supple and apply a water protective spray to help maintain your bag's water resistant properties. Please test any products on an inconspicuous area of your bag first.

Painted leather edges may wear or crack over time and is normal wear and tear. We recommend never hanging your bag by any handle with a painted edge. If cracking does occur, repair kits can be purchased from various online stores. 

Other Materials

We only use high quality materials that have been tried and tested to ensure they are durable, our materials also have a water resistant treatment added to them to ensure your bag is protected. Your bag can be wiped clean, or if necessary spot cleaned with warm water and a mild soap.  Please test any products on an inconspicuous area of your bag first.

Exposure to direct sunlight for long periods can caused fading (especially on natural & untreated materials like cotton). You may want to consider using a UV protective spray.

Internal cleaning

All our bags are lined with a premium water-resistant material that can be wiped clean. Do not put your Storksak bag in a washing machine.

* Note: our Changing Mats are machine washable at 30 degrees with air dry*.


If your zips get stuck, avoid yanking it free. Use a little bit of clear lip balm to loosen the zip, and it should return to its normal function after some gentle opening and closing.

Avoid opening a loaded bag holding it from the zip pull only, doing this could cause the zips to fail and would be classed as misuse. We advise only opening your bag whilst holding or supporting the base. 


We use premium metal plating on all our hardware but please be aware that this can fade over time depending on environmental factors, especially in areas of heavy use.

storksak leather & hardware care

Water & heat

We recommend keeping your bag away from excessive heat. All our materials are water-resistant and designed to use in the rain, however do not fully submerge your bag in water. Should you bag accidentally become excessively wet, pack it loosely with a clean neutral coloured cloth or plain paper and allow to air dry away from any direct heat source.


We advise you to de-fluff the velcro used on our Stroller Straps when you notice a build-up. This will ensure it’s loop and hook function works efficiently.
If you are worried that your stroller straps are not strong enough or do not fit your pram, please click here to check you're attaching them correctly.

Colour transfer from clothing

Dark clothing like denim or non dye-fast materials may transfer colour to your bag and cause staining. Try not to let your bag rub against such materials, that may not have been as rigorously treated or tested as our bags are.We are unable to repair or replace any bag that has colour transfer from another product.