Behind The Scenes: The Hospital/Travel Bag

A hospital bag has always been an important part of the journey into parenthood. The age old question is did you pack too much or too little? It seems that there is a never ending amount of things you should have with you but once you have the basics and your comforts you don’t need much else. Having a dedicated hospital bag that is big enough, with easy access and simple organisation is the most important thing pre and post birth and one less stress to have everything exactly where you need it. We have a fantastic range of hospital bags which are also great travel bags for trips away with little ones. We have spoken with Designer and Co-Founder Melanie Marshall to discover why our hospital bags are so unique and where the inspiration came from for their ingenious design.

The hospital trip is only a one time thing, why do I need an entirely separate bag for this?

What you need to take to the hospital with you won’t fit in a normal sized bag. Your stuff, as well as your new baby’s and your birthing partner's - it adds up to a lot. This bag is the ideal size to fit what you need and keep everyones bit and bobs separate. Having it on wheels also makes it ideal for manoeuvring around. And if you need extra space? We have gorgeous matching changing bags that are designed to simply slot onto the telescopic handle of your Cabin Bag. They make the perfect set and can be used for years to come for family trips away or over night stays, so are definitely not a one time use.

Why did you decide to launch a travel range alongside your changing bags?

The idea came when I was travelling on a short trip and was living out of a small travel bag, and didn’t bother to hang my stuff up. I remembered how I never hung up our baby clothes either and just had them folded in piles. I thought how cool it would be to have some kind of bag with an organiser that allowed you to hang up pre-folded clothes! We then started thinking about how this could fit into the range and we decided if we created a hospital bag it needed to be more than just a one use bag, it should also be functional as a travel bag and a solution to parents on-the-go.

Where did your design inspiration come from?

When I got back from my trip, I was rummaging through our cupboard, and found my husband’s old camera bag. It had loads of separate compartments which you could remove and arrange in different ways to allow you to create different sized compartments. I thought, this is IT!! Why not make a bag with this technology that’s designed for parents. We know how much hassle it can be to travel with young kids and babies so I wanted to make sure that our design was a solution to this, making packing not only quick and efficient but also as easy as possible.

Why is your hospital/ travel bag unique?

Our hospital/travel bags come with a patented hanging organising system that’s attached to the bag. This can be easily removed and hung up in around 5 seconds, either on any clothes rail, or on the back of a door hook. This means that when you pack your bag all the items are already folded, packed away and ready to go. When you arrive all you have to do is remove the organiser system out of the bag and hang it up - it really is great. We love that our products can be super versatile, and so we always strive to think of ways that our products can be used in different situations rather than for just one purpose.

Why is this bag more appropriate for travelling with a baby/kids than a regular suitcase?

The uniqueness of this bag is the organising system and within this are separate packing compartments and a removable block, similar to those you would get in a camera bag. I just thought, let’s make it compartmentalised so you have all you babies stuff at hand and you don’t have to worry about it getting mixed up with your own stuff. This is a number one for parents. We regularly get messages from customers who purchased these bags when they first came out years ago who’s babies are now growing children and they still love the organisation of these bags for short trips away.

Do you have other products to match the Cabin Bag?

As well as the matching changing bags, we also have smaller accessories that work seamlessly with our Cabin Bag. Our top picks are our Stroller Organisers, handy to attach to your pram to keep all your baby’s essentials close by. We also have the ideal streamlined solution for nappy changes on the go. Our Travel Change Station holds everything needed for nappy changes, has an ingenious easy-access wipes dispenser pocket and can be clipped onto you pram or another bag. All with minimal unisex styling to compliment any outfit or buggy.

We have a range of Hospital/Travel bags from Scuba and Rose Gold to ECO made out of recycled plastic bottles. Discover the full range here.