Help Restore Our Earth

Today is Earth Day and together, we have the power to restore our earth. We want to protect our Mother Nature and we can only do that with change. At Storksak we are working everyday to be more sustainable and planet friendly.

Our eco journey began with our organic baby skincare range. Since then, we have launched a baby & you collection made from organic & sustainable materials and includes our award winning organic cotton changing bag, plus our eco travel range made from recycled plastic bottles. We know we have a long way to go in terms of sustainability but we are constantly trying to improve every aspect of the business to make it as eco and sustainable as possible.

We want to be as transparent as we can, so you know you are buying a truly sustainable and eco friendly product. That’s why this Earth Day we sharing with you, how our organic baby skincare range is helping to restore our Earth.

MADE IN THE UK - How does this help to restore our Earth

Creating products in the UK is the way forward if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, and for our organic baby skincare range we always knew we wanted to manufacture this range in the UK. Not only does this support the local economy, but the environmental impact is reduced by not shipping by sea or air. The average product travels thousands of miles from manufacturer to warehouse, whereas Storksak Organics travels just 35 miles from our base in Suffolk. Also, all the components in our organic baby skincare range can be sourced locally, making this range our most sustainable to date.
Unfortunately this option is not currently viable for all our products, as so many of the materials and components used on our bags are not available in the UK meaning we would still need to import parts and materials. So even if the final products were finished here we could not claim this to be a truly sustainable option. We are committed to finding ways to make our manufacturing process more sustainable, from recycled materials to eco friendly packaging, step-by-step we are bettering our procedures for a more sustainable future.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS - How does this help to restore our Earth

Only the finest natural ingredients are used in our signature scent, made with subtle notes of English pear, chamomile and honey. Our scent is produced in Grasse, France, globally renowned as the perfume capital of the world where the expert noses blend together the finest ingredients. We prefer using what the earth produces naturally instead of harmful chemicals. Not only is this a benefit to the environment but it’s also kinder on gentle, newborn skin.
Each ingredient has been carefully selected and tested to make sure it’s the very best for your baby and the environment. There are also benefits of using natural ingredients, like the foamy lather our baby wash creates is made using coconut foamers instead of synthetic foamers which can actually dry out sensitive skin. Or, the protective layer our baby balm gives your baby is made from beeswax instead of mineral oils, which would need to be industrially manufactured. Find out more about our key ingredients and their benefits on our FAQ’s page here.

SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING - How does this help to restore our Earth

All the packaging for our organics range is responsibly sourced and is recyclable and/ or recycled. Our gift sets have also been thoughtfully designed so the packaging is re-usable, either as a handy keep-sake box or a wash bag. Our organics collection is certified according to Ecocert and Cosmos standards. They check the eco credentials of every part of our products from packaging to the products themselves, ensuring we are selecting the most planet friendly options and are not needlessly wasting precious resources just for an aesthetic.