How to build your dream baby registry

Guest blog written by the team at MyCrib.

So you’ve planned your baby shower and now everyone is asking you what gift they can get you to help with your newest arrival. Enter the baby registry - these wish lists are increasingly popular and are often shared before the baby shower to give guests some guidance on what to give to the expecting parent. 

At MyCrib, we’ve written a little guide on how to put your baby registry together to make life easier for the upcoming arrival of your little one! This is a free, super-simple and a great way to give your friends and family a better idea of what you and baby actually need. One of the reasons we love MyCrib is that you can add any product from any site (Mamas & Papas, John Lewis, Natural baby shower, Storksak – really any website!) with a click of a button. Which makes it a lot more freeing than making a list on Amazon or John Lewis where you are limited to items sold on the site so you can add everything you have researched and love. So how does it work? Here are a few simple steps to creating a baby registry with us.

Browse the expert-selected product recommendations

Although you can of course add products you’ve already spotted, we know you might not always know where to start – enter MyCrib's recommendations. 
This clever tool immediately gives some inspiration and allows you to see what other expecting parents are adding to their baby shower gift registries. MyCrib’s editorial team points out what they like and don’t like about the product and you’ll be able to read some more in-depth reviews if you’re still hesitating. You’ll be able to spot some Storksak changing bags and stroller bags which come highly recommended with our customers too!

Use real time price comparison

All items on MyCrib keep track of all the sites on which the products are selling and at what price, so when the time comes, parents can buy the product for the lowest price. This makes it so much easier to know you're getting the best deal possible and will save you, and your family and friends, so much time (and money)!

Personalise your registry

Once you’ve added all the products you want you can completely personalise your registry. You can add pictures, comments, a thank you text and “heart” the products you’d like your family and friends to prioritise so it feels more personal to you and the people in your life. 

Add some group gifts

You needn't shy away from big ticket items because MyCrib offers a group gifting option that lets people contribute as much as they want toward the item. The money then directly goes to your bank account - and you can spend on whatever you’d like, whenever you’d like.

Share with one click

Once you’re ready to share with friends and family just click on the copy link to list and share on whatsapp groups, by email, text or instagram. MyCrib even has a baby shower invitation maker on which you can create a beautiful invitation in less than 5 minutes - all for free ! - and add a link to your baby wishlist. 
Download the MyCrib App here and start creating your list today. 

Product picks

These are amongst the most added to lists, and all round part of parents most-loved.