Responsibly sourced leather | Storksak | Lyra Leather
There is something special about a really great bag. Not only can it be the finishing touch to transform your outfit but can actually change how you feel, and a changing bag doesn’t have to be any different. We wanted to create a bag that would empower a new parent to take on their day, making them feel a little more organised and in control all while remaining effortlessly stylish.

Introducing the Lyra… modern yet timeless, this style is luxury and function combined perfectly. Yet, although timeless, in this rapidly changing world we need to ensure our products are helping not harming the planet. There are many questions over the sustainability of leather and so we wanted to share what we know with you.

What makes the Lyra different from a ‘normal’ handbag?

Crafted with integrity, this style is the product of a slow fashion cycle, creating a bag that is as covetable now as it will be 2, 5 or even 10 years time. We work slowly to ensure the product is just right for new parents; easy access pockets, numerous ways to carry the bag and materials that are durable yet lightweight all add to making this bag perfectly designed for people with babies and young children.
We are also very proud to be working with suppliers who are specialists in technical bag construction and manufacture for a range of brands, from the biggest designer names in handbags through to technical outdoor backpacks. They are experts in understanding how to make a bag that lasts the test of time so we know our production is in the safest of hands.

mum holding baby with Storksak lyra leather changing bag

Can leather be sustainable?

We work with primary suppliers to ensure our entire supply chain meets our ethical and sustainability ideology. Our leather supplier is a fitting example of how modern manufacturing is adjusting to the new world.

They use Italian made equipment throughout their facility to ensure the highest level of quality and safety, and of course only manufacture leathers that are responsibly sourced and meet global testing requirements using no known harmful chemicals. A new waste management system allows them to re-use over 50% of their water and responsibly disposes of un-recyclable waste.

They have also heavily invested in their residential areas, with acres of green space for the happiness and wellbeing of their employees.

We are always looking at new innovations in materials and have explored vegan leather options, but these also have questions about their sustainability and will never look as good or last as long as a real leather bag so for the time being we believe leather to be a sustainable option.

Some key points on how leather can be sustainable

#1 Our leathers are responsibly sourced & are a byproduct of the meat industry.
#2 We never use harmful tanning agents (such are Chromium).
#3 Our suppliers use cows that have been reared on sustainable farms.
#4 Real leather and great design last. Our bags will be used for years and babies to come.
storksak lyra leather black | sustainable leather | responsibly sourced

Other practices that add to an environmentally friendly finished product

We work with our suppliers to have a constant steady stream of production. This ‘small batch production’ is good for our factories as they can manage their time better and are not overworking their staff to rush out big orders in time, it’s also good for us as we know that we are not over producing as well as quickly being able to adapt our products when have have a new idea.

All our packaging is recycled and recyclable or bio-degradable. This includes the bio-degradable protective foam wrap we use on the handles and trims of your bag and postal packaging our bags are sent out in. Finally, our carbon neutral couriers ensure your bag is delivered to you in the most eco-friendly way.