Storksak Alyssa changing bag
The journey of every Storksak bag is the same. It starts with you - the customer, we look at what the modern parents of today need from their changing bag and trust us, it has changed a lot since we started. Then we prototype each style until the design has been perfected, wear testing and getting feedback along the way. Our newest style The Alyssa is no different and was in development for nearly a year before launch. Today we talk to our design team about how they go about designing a new bestseller.

What are the three most important things to consider when designing a backpack changing bag?

Number one would be comfort, the parent who chooses a backpack is looking for something that will be comfortable to wear all day. So you need to pay attention to how the straps will sit on the wearers shoulders (the part of their body that will take the most weight) and make sure they are secure and supported. 

How the bag is accessed would be another key one. A lot of backpacks have a top opening meaning getting right down to the bottom of the bag is tricky, at Storksak we always make sure our backpacks are designed to have easy access to the main compartment, as well as enough external pockets for quick access. 

Finally, I think the durability of a backpack needs to be at the forefront of a designer’s mind. They are bags for an active lifestyle, so it is likely they will be put to the test. Together with our suppliers we have developed the materials and hardwares for our changing bags to ensure they last. That is why we are proud to give all our Storksak bags a one year guarantee.

storksak Alyssa diaper bag

Where do you get your inspiration from?

From everywhere really; sometimes from the obvious places, like fashion and sometimes from unrelated things altogether. If you think about the way a new door handle is constructed for example, this can relate to the way a buckle is designed. Or the way a piece of furniture is made, this all comes into play.

We all absorb ideas without consciously knowing it, which makes the creative process a lot of fun! Ideas pop into our heads in the strangest of places. Then the machine part of the brain kicks in and randomly shells them out at weird times. I've learnt to keep a little notebook on me to jot down ideas when they come, as these are sometimes the best ones! 
storksak Alyssa baby bag

Why are Storksak bags so versatile?

The first thing new customers notice about our bags is how they look nothing like a changing bag, allowing them to use the bag not just for parenting, but also work, gym, travel and more.

Storksak bags also come with really great accessories that have all been designed so they can be used with or without the main bag. Your Storksak comes complete with everything you need for life with a baby, but as they grow the accessories adapt too. What was once a bag for holding milk bottles is now the perfect size bag for a packed lunch, or a changing mat can now be a travel cushion to avoid cold bottoms on days out in the park.
Storksak Alyssa Black | Changing Bag Backpack

What makes your new Alyssa backpack different from the rest?

For me, the epitome of modern luxury is something that is not only made from durable high quality materials and looks beautiful, but that has been designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring it is functionally perfect for everyday life whether you’re parenting, working, or travelling. This backpack ticks all the boxes.

The Alyssa is our first convertible bag to have padded back straps AND a leather shoulder strap, making it a seriously comfortable backpack, but also an elegant shoulder bag, whichever way you prefer to wear it. The zipped side pockets are also one of my favourite features, they let you keep your essentials and valuables close to hand and can even be accessed when wearing as a backpack.
storksak Alyssa backpack, leather black