Advice to expecting parents

So, it’s nearly time and you’re all ready… You’ve got all the baby gear, read the books, been to the classes, but is anyone really truly prepared for this life changing moment? Probably not.  Friends and family are there to reassure and give great advice and in all the preparations and those first few days and weeks the big things don’t usually get forgotten, but what about the little things? They’re just as important but so often go unsaid. 

Influencer and mother of three, Sara Celine (@saracelinaa) wrote a beautiful post we recently shared on our Instagram with some important but regularly missed advice for you and your partner and has kindly let us share it with you on our blog.

From me to mom:

1. Freeze in some maxi pads for after delivery and take the laxatives when offered.

2. Remember that you need to be hugged just as much as the baby, you matter too - you do not stop being “you” just because you become “mom”.

3. Don’t listen to everything people tell you - no one knows what works for every baby.

4. Ask for help if you need it - it’s OK.

5. All babies are different so never compare yours to another.

6. You do not need to have people over before you feel ready - they can wait.

From him to spouse:

1. She’s giving you a human so you should give her all the back rubs, foot rubs and chocolate she needs.

2. Bring her something to drink whenever you see her breastfeeding (because she will most likely forget to bring one herself and start to complain about dehydration).

3. If she can stay up all night - you can definitely manage to get up at 6am and let her sleep in.

4. Give a hug when it’s least deserved because that’s probably when it’s most needed - it will save you a lot of unnecessary arguments.

5. Remember not to keep score, she’s your teammate and if you take one for the team she will too, plus she’s already ahead of you for life after pushing a human out (she will remind you if you forget).

We also recommend you check out the comments section on the original post for further advice, shared stories or just some comfort that you’re not alone in how you’re feeling.