We believe the best things are done together. After a 15 year relationship with our carefully chosen main factory, we have been able to learn and grow with their support and intuition. Whist we do use more than one supplier, we like to stay loyal to manufacturers and suppliers we trust, as this makes for happier teams everywhere.

We visit our factories regularly to develop new and exciting products, as well as ensuring our high standards are always maintained.



All Storksak products are tested to EU and US standards to provide optimum safety for you and your child. We are proud to share that every single product we create is assessed by and extra large testing house who keep us updated on the latest research, legal requirements and chemical information.

We thoroughly wear-test all our products to ensure they meet our high standards and have a holistic approach to the development of our products, meaning we are part of the process from initial idea, through to every stitch made in our factories and even how the items are delivered to you.