Top 6 Baby Travelling Essentials

The first family holiday can be a testing time for new parents, whether it’s a weekend away or a plane journey for a weeks holiday - the stressful job of getting everything ready can be quite daunting. Aside from piles of nappies, baby bottles, sun cream and changes of clothes, it’s important to consider some travel specific essentials for your holiday to make your life as a parent that bit easier.

1. Changing bag

At Storksak our changing bags are not only designed for ease and comfort but they also come ready with additional accessories to make travel on the go easy and care free. As well as being ultra lightweight, every changing bag comes with a luxurious padded changing mat, insulated bag or pocket to keep baby bottles warm or cool and stroller attachment so you can go hands-free and easily secure to your pram when on the move. Everything you need in one place. Check out our beautiful selection of changing bags and travel bags.

2. Travel Buggy

A compact and lightweight pushchair is a must-have when travelling with babies. Look for styles that are easy to fold (some are small enough to take on the plane as hand luggage) and have a good sized hood to block out those sunny rays during nap time - our favourite is the Babyzen Yoyo. If you know you are going to need a car seat at your destination then it might be worth considering an all-in-one style like the Doona too.

3. Swaddle blankets

Swaddle blankets are a multipurpose ‘must-have’ holiday essential. They make a perfect sunshade hung up or draped over the pram, a breathable summer sheet for hot nights in hotels,  lightweight blanket, nursing cover when breastfeeding in public as well as being ultra-absorbent to mop up any liquids. Who knew swaddle blankets could be used in so many ways? Check out our beautiful pack of organic swaddle blankets here.

4. Baby carrier

Travelling with a pram isn’t always the most convenient travel method for your baby 24/7, especially if you are heading abroad, chopping and changing from the pram whilst heading through security and onto the plane can be quite disruptive to your babies precious sleep schedule (and we definitely don’t want to disturb this before a long flight!) Designed to support your shoulders and back, the baby carrier is a great easy way to travel hands free so you can still carry other items and continue your journey stress free. We love the selection of baby carriers on Babybjorn.

5. Travel blackout blinds

When you are away from home it can be really difficult to manage sleep routines so when you do finally get your little ones down you want them to have a long and restful sleep before you do it all again tomorrow (and breathe!). Cue the travel blackout blind, a parent ‘must-have’ accessory that is lightweight, adaptable and completely blocks out the light by easily sticking to the window. Checkout this great one on Tommee Tippee.

6. Travel cot

Although many hotels will provide a cot when requested, it can be useful to have your own travel cot when going away. Many travel cots are pop up so don’t require lots of space and are easy to assemble upon arrival. They are super comfortable for your baby and the mesh netting is breathable for the summer months. We love the range of travel cots on Natural baby shower.