The Dad's Guide to Changing Bags: Finding the Perfect Bag for new Fathers

Historically Dads would be unhappily lugging around a bright floral changing bag and be embarrassed carrying their baby’s items on a family day out. Thankfully, times have changed, changing bags have not only been transformed so sleek and stylish designs are easy to find, but they also come in all shapes and sizes, so everyone in the family will be proud to carry them around. Whether you are looking for a unisex bag to be used by all, or a changing bag for a new Dad, we have options both practical and stylish, packed full of handy features designed to make getting out with baby a bit easier. Discover our top tips to look for and top picks for Dad.


Dads, rejoice! Changing bags are no longer confined to floral patterns and pastel colours. Modern Dads can now find bags that complement their personal style and work just for Dad or the whole family. Look for bags with neutral tones, sleek designs, and durable materials. Whether you're into a sporty look, a classic aesthetic, or a more urban vibe, there's a changing bag out there for you. Discover our St James Leather for the stylish Dad or Eco Backpack for the adventure Dad.


Constantly changing nappies and giving snacks to little hands requires efficiency and organisation. Opt for a bag with multiple compartments and pockets to keep everything in its place. Look for features like insulated pockets for baby bottles, a dedicated space for wipes, and handy accessories - such as a changing mat and stroller attachments. Dads need a changing bag that makes it easy to access essentials without rummaging through the entire contents of the bag. Discover our Eco Backpack, which comes with a padded changing mat, insulated bottle pouch and additional zipped compartment for small items, you simply can’t go wrong here.


As a Dad, you'll be using your changing bag in various environments, from city streets to parks and beyond. Choose a bag made from durable, water resistant and easy-to-clean materials (for those inevitable accidents with baby). Consider features like sturdy zippers, padded backpack straps and water-resistant fabric to handle the challenges of daily use. Additionally, ensure the bag is comfortable to carry with adjustable straps, padded backpack straps or back panels, and  an ergonomic design. Discover our Hero Quilt packed full of these features, plus it even has a convertible internal with a waterproof lining for extra storage. 


Dads are versatile, and so should their changing bags be. Look for bags that can easily convert from a backpack to shoulder bag or even better a stroller bag that can be worn over the shoulder or on your pram handles. The adaptability of a changing bag is useful for various situations, whether you're navigating crowded spaces or going on a family hike. A multi-functional bag ensures that you're prepared for any adventure with your little one. Discover our Alyssa Gunmetal which comes with a clip on convertible strap or Alyssa Stroller Bag for shorter trips out the house with your little one. 

Our Top Picks for Dad:

1. Eco Backpack
      - For the adventurer Dad

2. Alyssa Gunmetal
      - For the versatile Dad

3. Hero Quilt
      - For the multi-tasking Dad

4. St James Leather Black
      - For the stylish Dad

5. Alyssa Stroller Bag
      - For the organised Dad