Should I Buy A Leather Changing Bag?

should i buy a leather diaper bag | storksak kaia leather

We are often asked about our leather changing bags.  Are they functional? Is leather an appropriate choice for a changing bag? Is it ethical? These are all good questions, so we wanted to take some time to explain why, when there are so many non-leather alternatives available now, we still believe leather to be the ultimate choice for a changing bag.

Firstly, Storksak bags are uniquely designed to do multiple jobs. Created to be used as your ‘everything bag’ whether you’re carrying around nappies, your laptop, and even your hand luggage for a flight. Storksak bags are second to none. Designed to help keep you organised, with carefully thought out pockets and compartments to ensure you’re in complete control of your day. A bag fit for so many jobs needs to be tough and durable, enter our specially developed leathers. Crafted to be beautiful yet strong, our top grain leathers age with grace and with a little care and attention, they will last for years to come and just keep getting better.
Storksak Kaia Leather Changing Bag

All Storksak bags are designed to last beyond the nappies stage, but our leather bags in particular are carefully considered. We work to create timeless styles, with subtle details that won’t date. We design in this way so not only will you be able to use your bag for years to come, you’ll WANT to as well. We are not a fast fashion brand, we understand the investment you are making in our products and want to make sure it lives up to your expectations. The quality of our design goes hand in hand with our unbeatable customer service, always here to help with any questions you have about caring for your Storksak to ensure it looks and performs at it’s best. 
The leather industry has been at the forefront of luxury accessories for many years, but in recent years there has been growing concern over the ethics of this material. All our leathers are a by-product of the meat industry and have been sourced from farms that ensure sustainable manufacture is a priority. We do not use any harmful chemicals throughout the tanning process and all our products are manufactured in facilities that adhere to strict ethical and safety practices.

With modern innovations in leather alternatives, we have diligently investigated these new materials. After researching and testing we have always found that they do not perform to the same standard, as unlike real leather, they begin to deteriorate over time. We love real leather for it’s longevity, with a little TLC our leather bags last for years beyond a non-leather counterpart. Plus, with our unrivalled customer service team, who have the knowledge to guide you through how to care and maintain your Storksak leather bag, you can rest assured you are making the right choice.