Behind The Scenes: The Eternal Accessory

We launched our bestselling Stroller Organiser Luxe in 2018, and instantly we felt like this was what the whole parenting community had been crying out for. An instant success; the recipe of extremely useful, unrivalled quality and utterly stylish - It was a breath of fresh air compared to the plain, badly made pram caddies that were available elsewhere. Little did we know at the time that come 2020, stroller organisers would become such an important item. No longer were we heading out with a full days worth of supplies, a couple of nappies and wipes would suffice because, let’s be honest, we were never far from home…

What inspired this new design?

Thankfully life is a little more ‘back to normal’ now but we could sense the liberation parents felt as they were no longer weighed down by a heavy backpack. So we got thinking and talking, discovering there was a need for a kind of hybrid option. For the days when you don’t need your 'big baby bag’, but when you just need the essentials. A versatile style that will last well beyond the baby stage, and is gorgeous enough to use as your regular bag.

What are the top three features?

The Eco Stroller Bag is the largest in our stroller organiser collection, but still fits neatly on your stroller bar or handles - from compact pushchairs to super robust prams. Large enough to perfectly house everything you need to get out with your baby for a few hours. Two outer zipped pockets are ideal for your valuables like phone and keys while inside there is an insulated sleeve to safely keep milk bottles upright and at the ideal temperature. The long strap features our patented built-in stroller straps, so no extra equipment needed and you can attach to your buggy or sling over you shoulder. Add an additional changing mat and you’re ready to go. 

What is the Eco Stroller Bag made from?

The quality of this bag is second to none. Crafted from Regen nylon, a recycled material made from post consumer waste. Nylon is known to be one of the most durable materials available and will last years and years. 

What makes this bag so useful for parents?

This bag is designed to adapt to your lifestyle, from housing nappies and bottles through to snacks for school pickup and beyond, making it the eternal accessory for you. The inside is also made from recycled materials, specially selected as we are moving towards a more sustainable future for us as a company and for our children. The luxe utility styling of this bag is functional yet elegant, so looks good on your buggy but looks seriously stylish on you.

Designed to compliment our changing bags, this adaptable addition to our range is an ideal companion for lighter days out as a compact changing bag, or paired together with one of our larger baby bags for the ultimate in sleek organisation for parents.