Behind The Scenes: Material Girls

We asked the Storksak Design Team to talk us through the features and benefits of all the materials we use on our changing bags, from our most loved leathers to our newer eco friendly options, even the lining on our bags has a story behind why the team chose it. With different pros and cons to each, their mild obsession with sourcing and developing the perfect materials means this blog is sure to help you decide which option is the best choice for your changing bag.


Scuba was such a fun material to introduce to the range. We had never used anything like it before and there were concerns about it’s durability initially which led to a lot of wear testing including Mel’s favourite test, scraping the material continuously on the ground over and over again as hard as your can to see how it faired. It turned out to be a wonder material! It’s sturdy enough to give the bag structure but the foam backing means it’s still lightweight as well as really durable, colourfast and easy to clean. The texture and matt look of the top knit layer gives the material a contemporary look that works so well as a contrast against the rose gold hardware. We are just in love with this combination.


This is what Storksak is best known for so we have to make sure it’s the best. Through the years as fashions have changed we have tried and tested many different types of leather, our current favourite is a genuine cow leather with an embossed top layer. The leather itself is sourced from responsible suppliers, the skins are byproducts of the meat industry and our tanneries never use harmful chemicals (such as chromium). The top layer is adds a strengthened coating that allows us to achieve a rich depth of colour and a uniform texture. This layer also provides a protective surface that is water resistant (unlike full grain leathers). Leather lasts for years and is a real investment, as it is used it softens and ages beautifully. However, it does need to be looked after as scuffs and scrapes are inevitable in areas of heavy wear. Regularly using leather care products this helps to increase the longevity of your bag as well as minimising the appearance of wear and tear.


Another material that has been continuously used in our collections throughout the years. Nylon is well known as being one of the strongest and most durable materials available for bags and accessories. With a subtle sheen, nylon is undeniably chic and elevates the look of any style it is put into, making it a truly luxurious material. Thanks to its stable tight weave, this material is easy to work with and manipulate, so lends itself particularly well to more complicated constructions as well as a bit of quilting. Our newer launches are made from recycled nylon, this eco friendly material looks and feels the same as virgin nylon but is made from post consumer waste (most often made from old finishing nets) making it a more sustainable choice for your changing bag.


This classic material is a go to for many outdoor and performance brands. Incredibly strong, the material has a dry touch which not only has commercial appeal, but also makes it an ideal base fabric to add an injection of colour into a range. The functionality of this material means it works particularly well on larger bags like our Cabin Carry-On as it is versatile enough be combined with other materials and durable enough to hold heavier loads. Much like our nylon, we have now introduced recycled polyester styles as part of our Travel collection. This time made from used plastic bottles. This eco material helps us play a part in reducing the amount of waste that can end up in landfill and our oceans. 

All our linings are made from polyester too. The grey lining used inside our bags is a super luxe brushed polyester. The soft handfeel of this material makes the inside of your bag just as swoon-worthy as the outside and is so easy to wipe clean thanks to the water resistant treatment we use, while our eco bags all have recycled polyester linings.


Our cotton is not only organically grown, but also sourced from US based farms that ensure their workforce is being treated and paid fairly while working in a safe environment. This natural textile compliments softer designs, so using quilting and subtle prints really brings out the best of this material. All the changing mats in this range are also lined with un-bleached organic cotton, so you know you are lying your baby down on the most pure surface, ideal for their delicate skin.