Baby Sleeping


How to follow the social butterfly that is December, her parties back-lit by curve-flattering fairy lights? That would be January, a bulging trouser button of a month now synonymous with dieting and denial!


The harsh truth is that whatever New Year resolutions people make, around a third of them will be broken by the end of January, so if the only “Resolve” you have is the one you mix with water to cure a hangover, you can understand how they feel!

Rather than setting ourselves up to fail by giving up too many of the things that make us happy, why not pledge to do something nice instead? Lorraine’s New Year resolution was to bathe more, thankfully this wasn’t a hygiene issue, she just recognised the need to have more “me” time! Frankly we could all be kinder to ourselves, whether that is meeting up with friends or luxuriating in a bubble bath.

The one thing that would massively improve our quality of life would be to get more sleep, and anyone who tells you that they sleep like a baby probably doesn’t have one! 6 out of 10 adults in the UK regularly don’t get enough sleep which we know can lead to medical problems in later life and yet we will happily skip sleep for the latest box set or bestseller.

So thank you NYE we had a ball and acknowledge that the party is over for another year, but we won’t be tricked into promising to lose a stone or to give up our Sauvignon Blanc. For 2015 we are resolving to slip on a cashmere eye mask, turn off the tech and hibernate until February!