Keeping organised on the go is essential when travelling with children. Our Travel range is designed to make travelling with children a breeze, but planning ahead with some easy packing tricks can make all the difference.

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It's happened to us all — you arrive at your destination and open your bag excitedly only to discover that you have had a liquid explosion all over favourite outfit! To prevent this disaster from happening again (and ruining your break), try placing your bottles / tubes in small sealed bags before placing them in your luggage and don't forget to tighten those lids for extra security. Now, you can relax and travel without worry!

With the right preparation, travelling with kids can be a lot less stressful and way more fun than expected — honestly! For younger children, make sure you pack some new toys or activities to keep them occupied. For older ones, don't forget to make sure tablets and electronic device are fully charged with lots of new movies and apps to keep them occupied. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the journey!

Packing a selection of snacks for children is always a good idea especially if travelling to a different country. Opt for nutritious snacks with low sugar such as raisins, rice cakes, bread sticks and fruit to avoid the dreaded sugar rush. And of course another big essential that helps avoid all those sticky situations is Wet Wipes! Split drink? Runny nose? Dirty hands ? Its all OK when you have a packet of Wet Wipes!

There's nothing worse than travelling and realising the battery on your electronic device is dead. least you remembered to pack your charger, right? Once the mad scramble through your entire bag to finally locate it is over you realise that its now completely twisted at the bottom of your bag and takes you a very long time to finally untangle it. A simple solution is to store your loose cables in a sunglasses case or similar and they will never get tangled again!