Women and Children First

Many of our employees at Storksak are parents themselves who agree that nothing can be more natural and enjoyable than having a baby.  But the reality can be very different in some less fortunate regions of the world, such as Africa and Asia.

Here in the UK the news that a baby is due is something to celebrate, bringing family and friends closer. Unfortunately, in Africa this is not always the case. One young woman in Malawi described her impending birth as, “like having one foot in the grave”. This is heartbreaking for us to hear. 

Women and Children First (UK) is a charity that believes empowering women with knowledge about their pregnancy and wellbeing can save lives- a value in which Storksak believe is of great importance.

Women and Children First train community leaders in Asian and African villages to establish women’s groups – think of the NCT here in the UK – so that vital knowledge can be passed on to pregnant women, helping them to identify their most important problems and plan how to address them with their own resources.

For every woman who dies, at least twenty more suffer complications, leaving them with lifelong disability and pain.

The work of Women and Children First (UK) is supported entirely by donations.  Every penny counts toward helping to improve the lives of women and children.

So far, the charity has achieved up to 45 per cent reduction in newborn mortality in two years.

On December 8th this year, WCF presented their new campaign which aims to help raise awareness of the plight of women and children and to encourage listeners to dig into their pockets and donate this Christmas.

£30 will fund six women to attend a group for a year. 

For further information on Women and Children First (UK) and how to donate, please visit it’s website:  www.womenandchildrenfirst.org.uk.

We at Storksak have supported Women and Children First for over two years, and on Mothers Day 2012 we began a partnership with the charity and announced our popular Tania Bee Changing Bag as Storksak’s way of contributing to the cause. For every Tania Bee sold on our website, we will donate £5 to WCF. We hope you can support us in our partnership with this fantastic charity, educating and helping mothers in places less fortunate take care of their new born babies.