Steph Douglas started Don't Buy Her Flowers selling thoughtful gift packages in 2014. The idea came after having her babies and thinking there could be better gifts to send when you want to offer someone some TLC from afar. Since then the business has grown to cater for new mums, birthdays, get well, bereavement and anyone that needs some looking after. She has two kids - Buster (6) and Mabel (4) and is realising increasingly that we all need to be a bit kinder to ourselves.

There are many, many things that I did not expect when I entered the exhilarating and knackering world of motherhood. Sure, I understood that I’d have less time for myself, but something I’m not sure I’ve got my head around six years in is how hard it can be to take time for yourself. Even in those quiet moments, when the kids are (finally) asleep and it’s time to park your bum on the sofa, there’s the to-do list beckoning you over. Birthday gifts to buy, piles to sort, food shopping to do.

 Where before you could leave the house with a small bag holding not much more than your phone and purse, now it requires epic planning. Kids and the admin around them take up a lot of headspace.

 The fact is, the list never ends. It will never be done and just as you get used to one phase, your child is ready to move to the next. Weaning, potty training, starting school, questioning the world…there’s no sitting still. In time it’s become clearer that sometimes the only person that can give me a break is me. Forget the to-do list and run a bath. Let everyone eat cereal for tea. Take that nap you’ve thought about for a week. The world is a brighter place with a bit of rest under your belt.

With Mother’s Day approaching, we’ve teamed up with Storksak to offer a prize to a mum that is ALL about sitting down. Something that encourages the recipient to take ten minutes to themselves. Have a hot cuppa, flick through a magazine and indulge in some truffles. It’s the moments that we often give up after becoming a mum, but that we really cherish when we have them. We’ve added a COOK voucher so for a few nights at least, noone has to cook dinner. So that’s more time for sitting, breathing and giving yourself a high five for doing a brilliant job.

 To win a Don’t Buy Her Flowers Care & Essentials Package with £35 COOK food voucher, plus…bag…

 For thoughtful gift packages, visit Don’t Buy Her Flowers Mother’s Day Gift Guide. £1 of every package will be donated to charity Kick’s Count. You can also pre-order now and select for your gift to be sent closer to Mother’s Day, so that’s one thing you can tick off your list.