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Introducing Piccolo Pots

26/03/2018 13:37

Introducing Piccolo Pots 

Our friends over at Piccolo are proud to be introducing Piccolo Pots – the first ever split pot baby food in the world (for Stage 3 and above). Never seen before in baby food, these split pots ensure the vegetables retain their nutrients whilst the grains keep their texture – something that is vital for babies’ development


Piccolo’s Pots of Mediterranean Goodness


These Piccolo Pots are a delicious range of Mediterranean inspired meals based around textured grains with a tasty, vegetable packed sauce – all in clever split pots:


Quinoa with Vegetable Ratatouille with a pinch of basil (GLUTEN FREE)

Chunky slow cooked vegetables, herbs and chickpeas make up this rich and tasty ratatouille, served with delicious cooked quinoa, for a filling, tasty meal that packs in the veg whilst also being a great source of protein.

Baby Pasta with Sweet Potato Bolognese with a pinch of basil 

This is a tasty vegetable packed Bolognese with plenty of herbs: perfectly paired with scrummy pasta.  The chunky pieces of cooked ditalini pasta are perfect for finger food or as part of a meal

Tricolore Baby Pasta with Vegetable & Kale Pesto with a pinch of basil

Taking traditional pasta pesto to another level, this zingy, veg packed pesto is made with kale, aubergine, Italian cheese and plenty of basil. Served with tricolore pasta made from spinach and tomato for additional goodness

Each Piccolo Pot is split between a traditional Mediterranean sauce, crammed full of at least 6 different types of veg, along with beans (great for that all-important pea protein) and a variety of grains to help introduce little ones to new textures and encourage biting (although they’re soft enough for sensitive gums too)


Parents can choose to mix the grains and the sauce together or keep them separate so the babies can see what they’re getting with each mouthful.


Look out for Piccolo Pots in Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado and Morrisons from February 2018 with an RRP of £2.79

For more information about this innovative new range:



Posted in Food By Robyn Ludlow

Kids free activities for over the summer holidays

The arrival of Summer Holiday is always a welcoming break from School for kids. However, as parents, the challenge is on to keep the kids away from i pads and video games when the sun is out.

So to make your Summer a little easier, we’ve come up with 10 free ways to keep your kids learning and entertained over Summer as part of a 4 part series.

Part 1: LONDON


1. Visit the Science Museum

Take a trip to the science museum and educate yourselves! Learn about the world of science from the professionals and have some fun too. Make sure you visit the water play area located inside, that is an interactive space designed for children aged 3-6 years old to learn about water properties of sinking and floating and shadows and reflections.

Find out more at:

2. Explore Golders hill park and zoo

Take a picnic to the park and spend the day visiting the owls, coati and even the lemurs! This is a fun day out on a sunny day for all the family to enjoy!

3. Watch the pelicans being fed in St. James park

Take a walk to Buckingham palace and watch the pelicans being fed between 2.30 and 3pm in St. James park.


 4. Go pond dipping at Camley Street natural park

Take your kids to go pond dipping and see what they can find in the two-acre nature reserve in the center of London. Make sure you visit the viewpoint, a floating platform with peep holes to take a sneaky peak into the world inside the pond.


5. Check out Coram’s Fields Playground

Coram’s field is open to under 16’s for a fun day out packed full of activities and new experiences all free of charge. Make sure you visit the adventure play area, the sandpits and the paddling pool!

Find out more at: 


6. Take a trip to Mudchute Farm

Take a trip to Mudchute farm and visit all the animals, they even have llama’s and alpaca’s!

Find out more at:


7. Make your own temporary sculpture at Liminal, Tate modern

At the Tate Modern they are encouraging families to take part in a series of family workshops around Liminal. Boost your child’s creativity with a fun day out at the gallery and broaden your imagination!

Find out more at:

8. Test out the giant slides in Victoria park

Visit the giant slides in Victoria park for endless fun of running up and sliding down! Perfect for all ages.


9. Explore the Grant Museum

Explore zoology at the Grant Museum! Discover a natural world and take part in family activities to uncover fossils and find all sorts of exciting new things!

Find out more at:


10. The alligators mouth book shop

Educate your children at the Alligator’s mouth book shop in Richmond. Meet the authors of all your kids favourite books and take part in story time on the carpet to listen to all sorts of new stories.

Find out more at:

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