Here are some great Halloween costume ideas that can be easily made with a little bit of ‘Mama-DIY’ or if not, are available in stores and online!


1. Little Miss Witch

Dress your little one up as a witch on Halloween, but don’t forget the Tutu to make her the most gorgeous spell-casting kiddy there is!


2. Pumpkin Cutie Pie


Great for a girl or boy- the Pumpkin costume! Your little one will look simply adorable in this popular Halloween outfit, complete with a little orange hat! 


3. Baby Bat


Does your little one love animals? Dress him or her up as a Baby Bat! Your Baba will look fantastic wearing little Bat wings on Halloween!


4. Little Black Cat


Easy but still adorable, a great DIY costume is the Halloween favourite- The Black Cat, or in our case, Kitten! Give your little one a pink button nose, little black whiskers and cute cat ears to bring out their inner Halloween Kitty! 


5. Little Frankenstein


Great for the boys, the Little Frankenstein costume always looks great! With a green face and torn clothes it’s another fun DIY costume!


6. Mini Dracula


Another one for the boys, is the Mini Dracula! Dress them in a fancy dress Tuxedo and they’ll be the most handsome Trick or Treater in town!


7. Little Boo


A classic- the ghost costume. Your little one will of course, be a very cute ghost. Either do it yourself, with a cut out white sheet or get shopping! Great for the girls is a white top and white Tutu!


8. Baby Skeleton


Perfect for girls and boys, these are always available in stores and look effective, especially if you can get a glow in the dark costume- always a crowd pleaser with the little ones!


9. Baby Batman


Batman is now a Halloween favourite with the boys and let’s be honest, baby Batman will look adorable! Easily made at home with either a black or grey baby grow and a printed Batman logo! 


10. Little Mummy


The Little Egyptian Mummy is always fun if you want to get creative with your little one’s costume this year. A great DIY costume is white baby grow with strips of kitchen roll or toilet paper taped to it! If not, there are Halloween Mummy baby grows available online!


We hope this has sparked your inner costume designer mums, ready for Halloween and has given you some creative ideas to get your little ones all dressed up and ready to Trick or Treat!