1. External access passport pocket and leather luggage tag

It may just sound like a fashionable extra but having a luggage tag can help you quickly identify your luggage among the mass of similar looking luggage. If you are using your Storksak bag as hand luggage then the easy access passport pocket will delay no time in your airport rush and keep it perfectly secure.


  1. Foldable, packable, storable

Despite the carry-on sizes being minimized even more each year, luggage can still be difficult to store! Big bulky designs mean that yes, you can fit lots in but you may end up living out of your suitcase for the rest of your holiday! The Duffle and Cabin are a no fuss foldaway option, with all the features of a good travel bag but can easily be put into a low-profile format for storage.


  1. Signature striped wipe clean linings

All our linings have a water resistant coating, meaning they can be wiped-clean on the go. No more leaking water bottles and bursting shampoos ruining your holiday! (Plus, if you keep all your items tucked away in packing blocks you can be disaster free!)

  1. Telescopic handle with two levels on the Cabin Carry-on

Having a pull along handle is handy enough when travelling with children, with the Shoulder Bag and Backpack featuring a back slip pocket which conveniently fits over the frame of the Cabin Carry-On you can be one-hand free! If your spare hand is pushing a buggy then keep even more organized with the travel stroller organiser.


  1. Light-weight bags

After getting yourself and your family packed away and to the airport the worst thing is to discover your bag is too heavy to stow away. The Cabin Carry on comes in at 3KG and the Duffle even less at 1.9KG, both less than the average luggage bag and it could give you that extra weight for packing if you are on a tight weight allowance for your luggage.

  1.  Fits most aircraft overhead compartments

We have thoughtfully designed both bags with you in mind to fit into most overhead compartments, which is a great space saver for travelling with family as you can go away with not one large case but two!

  1. Suitcase tough test

Luggage have come to be many things in one space, not only do they need to be space-efficient, lightweight fashionable and long lasting! Our bags are fully equipped with toughened piping to protect the corners of your bag so they stand the test of time.

  1. Stack-pack-and-go!

Quick! Did you forget about that last pair of shoes you need to stuff in your bag? Both the Duffle and Cabin can be expanded for extra volume and will allow you easy access to the whole of your bag.

  1. Practical unisex design

No more embarrassment for your hubby when carrying around these unisex design bags!

  1. Packing Blocks

To keep your bag even more organised packing blocks are a clever idea, they allow you to organise your items making them easier to find inside your bag.

  1. The Clever bit: Unique fold-away smart hanging organiser system

Both bags incorporate a unique foldaway smart hanging organiser system so there is literally no need to unpack.  Simply pack up, remove and hang up! How does it work? You simply pack yours or your family’s folded clothes as usual into each compartment of the hanging organiser, separated into shoes, underwear, toys, toiletries, clothing and accessories. When you arrive at your destination, you simply lift out the bag’s Internal organizer system and hang inside your holiday wardrobe. Voila! No more unpacking. Perfect for quick weekends away when time and space is limited - you can even create your own bespoke compartments designed to suit your needs with the easy-to-adjust velcro shelves. If you are short on space at home, why not hang it in your nursery wardrobe or door.


Storksak's travel bag collection offers a wide range of lightweight travel luggage options with plenty of features to make family travel easy. Shop the full range of travel bags here.