Bonding with your baby is a unique and individual experience and we all have different ways of creating a bigger bond with them, from a calming cuddle to singing a fun nursery rhyme to tempt a giggle!

1 – Facial Interaction with your baby

A simple one but probably the most effective, your baby’s favourite entertainment will be your face and the expressions you pull. Research shows that early interactions through eye-contact and facial expression regulates their emotions and aids relationship building and the functioning of the brain. You will find your baby will enjoy gazing at faces especially noses and mouths! Getting up close to your baby is a good idea right from the beginning (as they can only see up to 30cms in front of them from the beginning). Therefore, the best way for your baby to see movements is from your face! Stick your tongue out and pull funny faces, repetition of your funny faces will bring your baby closer to you, as they will begin to remember the expressions and find comfort in them.

2- Baby Massage

A small and gentle massage is a great way to get close to your baby as research has found that only can it strengthen the relationship between you and your baby but it can also relieve stress in premature babies and also reduce postpartum depression for the mother. To learn how and when to massage your baby there are many infant massage groups, which offers a brilliant chance to learn from other parents.

3- Nursery Rhymes

Singing to your baby is a great way to get them used to your voice and a great way to comfort your baby. Singing different nursery rhymes is a fun way to start bonding, babies are very receptive to repetition so singing similar nursery rhymes will build a bond with your baby. Use different tones of your voice for when playing with your baby and when putting them to sleep.

4 – Swaddling

For newborn babies this is a great method for early bonding, your baby is still getting used to being out the womb, so wrapping your baby up tight in a blanket will keep them warm and make them feel safe. Give your baby a cuddle and kiss while they are wrapped up to make your baby associate the warm calm feeling with you. In addition, making sure your baby is well rested and using the swaddling method to do this allows more time to interact with your baby during periods of focused attention after being well rested.

5– Tummy Time

A slightly more active way to bond with your baby but very effective! Tummy time is a great way to start getting your baby used to their outer surroundings and learn about their own spacial awareness. Although start slow, at around 1 or 2 months when babies start to hold their heads up or you can wait until 3-4 months when your babies neck has strengthened. Start with just a few minutes and increase the time as their neck gets stronger and so your baby does not get frustrated, using toys in front of your baby to encourage them to look up is a good idea, or using your face in front of your baby to make them feel safe about this new activity.

6- Talking and laughing

To get your baby used to your voice you should talk to your baby a lot, talk to them animatedly while changing and bathing them to make them feel soothed and comforted by your voice and doing new things. Blowing kisses to your baby and laughing while tickling them will make them feel excited and happy and will create a strong bond between you and your baby.