Jaques Storksak prize!

We have a rather special prize for today’s competition – a set of Original Ping Pong as it was when it was invented by Jaques of London!

Ping Pong was invented in 1901 by John Jaques III, and the current generation of the family are still making beautiful, traditional toys and games today. Established in 1795, Jaques of London is the oldest sports and games manufacturer in the world. Throughout their long and distinguished history Jaques has been responsible for inventing some of the world’s most popular sports and family games including Croquet, Ping Pong, Ludo, Tiddledy Winks and Happy Families. The company is still owned and run by direct descendants of the original company founder Thomas Jaques.

Jaques of London has relaunched Original Ping Pong for Christmas 2014, recreating Ping Pong as it was when it was first invented. This is set to be one of the most original and timeless games of the season.

The set, which includes two bats, three balls and one net with posts and clamps, made to fit all tables, is an exact replica of the original hand-crafted Ping Pong set launched in 1901. The two steam-bent bats have solid wooden frames and handles and are covered with the finest grade vellum, which is glued and hand-stitched into place. The vellum creates a drum effect, which produces a very satisfactory “ping pong” sound. The antique-finished wooden posts incorporate two solid brass clamps. The net, hand-made from natural cotton, can be adjusted in size simply by wrapping it around the posts.

Original Ping Pong isn’t just great for kids, but is also the ideal after dinner party game. It is designed to be played on any table – including dining room tables! Once supper has been served, drinks have been quaffed and coffee cups have been cleared, simply attach the net to the posts, screw the solid brass clamps (both cushioned by soft foam pads to avoid table damage) onto the table and let the games begin.

Original Ping Pong is available to buy now from Jaques of London’s website for £59.99.

Original Ping Pong, By Jaques

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