Melanie recently bumped into a friend who had to give up her job as a scientist as she couldn’t reconcile family life with the demands of her career. This got Suzi and Melanie thinking back to when they came up with the idea of Storksak bags over 12 years ago, of how they wanted to build a business that could be a success without them having to sacrifice too much precious family time.

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A decade on it’s not straightforward – and it’s definitely still a juggle and a struggle – but they have been able to support staff members who want to work irregular hours from home and some studio staff work part time to allow them to do the school run.

Forget about having it all, it’s all about having a life.

Having a baby takes parents on a joyful and scary roller-coaster of emotions; throw in a job with a 45 minute commute at either end of the day after a night of broken sleep with a fractious baby, and it’s not difficult to see how our mid 30’s can be one of the most stressful times of life.

So what we can do is surround ourselves with a network of people who make our lives that little bit better: a supportive partner, close family, friends with shared experiences and, hopefully, a sympathetic employer. This is our ‘Clan of Care’. The people who support and allow us to work, to enjoy our family and simply to be.
We strive to put quality, care and thoughtfulness into each Storksak product and we extend that same courtesy to our staff so that you can be secure in the knowledge that your Storksak bag is gorgeous – inside and out!