This Mother’s Day we launched our collaboration with charity ‘Women and Children First’, who work to educate mothers in third-world communities on keeping themselves and their children safe and healthy, and avoid preventable, often life-threatening illnesses.

We asked you to share something with us that you wish you had known before having your baby. We have been overwhelmed by the huge amount of entries and it is wonderful to hear about your experiences as new parents.

Some of our favourite entries and most valuable advice includes:

Leanne Bell ‘Other parents are super competitive – It doesn’t matter that their child rolls, crawls, has teeth etc before yours. Your son/daughter will develop at their own pace – cherish every moment, it goes by far too quickly’

Victoria Cunniff ‘I wish I known how much I would change as a person – I definitely don’t feel like the ‘me’ I was before I had my daughter’

Lucy Blore ‘I wish I knew why women didn’t always wear makeup and have immaculate hair. It’s because they are no doubt mums who never have time for themselves because they always put their children first I am now one of those women, and my appearance is the last thing I think about in the morning!’

Emma Dorman ‘I wish I’d realised how much my priorities would change and how I would know more fear and find more strength and resilience to do anything to give my children the best possible outcomes in life.’

Jenny Williams ‘Don’t aim to be the perfect parent, aim to be the best parent you can be.’

And the one that we here at Storksak of course agree with:

Gaby Jones ‘Always carry a well organised changing bag so you are ready for all baby related situations!

We have chosen a winner, Danielle Davis, whose simple advice ‘Don’t wish the years away; embrace every milestone’ we loved, and summed up the feelings of many of our lovely parents. Whilst those baby years are busy and difficult, your little one won’t be tiny for long and it is a special time to treasure. Our beautiful new Noa yellow is now on its way to Danielle. With handy organiser interior bag, the yellow colour is perfectly sunny for the summer months – a practical yet stylish choice for holidays, as well as an ideal everyday bag.

As difficult, challenging and tiring as Motherhood can be, all our entrants were in agreement that it is an amazing experience that can’t be compared to anything else in life.

We know how challenging new motherhood can be here in the Western world, despite having health visitors, doctors, nurses, family and friends to turn to for help when times get difficult. But imagine how terrifying life could be if you were living in poverty, lacking the basic information to do the right things to keep yourself and your baby alive and well.

That is why here at Storksak we have chosen to support ‘Women and Children First‘, a small yet invaluable charity who work to prevent mothers and babies from dying during pregnancy, childbirth or in the first few days and months of life, in some of the world’s poorest communities. Their work improves a mother’s chance of surviving pregnancy by up to 45%.

The charity does this by running self-help community women’s groups where women are given the information and knowledge they need to keep themselves and their babies safe, and where they can receive good quality health information and care from properly qualified professionals.

There are various ways for you to help this amazing charity, visit their website for more information. Buy the Storksak Noa Yellow on our website and £5 from every sale goes directly to the charity.