A loaded term that needs re-defining 

Storksak MEL BLOG - Baby, shopping trolley and feelings of isolation



I walked past a completely unrelated business yesterday, and saw a phrase that caught my eye; Wealth. A loaded word.


This made me think. That certainly is a term that needs re-defining! There are so many words or phrases easily batted around that can make us feel inadequate, especially as parents. Being a parent, aside from the full-on all-encompassing role that it is, is also heavily loaded with pre-conceived ideas of how we should feel, and how it will all go.


Earth mother! Wow, what a term that is. I remember thinking of myself as an ‘earth mother’ whatever that really meant before our first son was born. The point here is that the word or phrase, is one that I’ve amassed in my mind, and it’s stuck there.  I hadn’t thought about how ‘loaded’ it really is.  It seems very trivial, but on some level I think I associated myself, probably due to my love of babies and children from as early as I can remember, with how ‘naturally’ I would fit into the role.  The mother who wants to spend all her hours with her child, and be very much at home with feeling unkempt and all the chaos that goes with it.  But what we also think of here, is how natural it’s all supposed to be; something we as parents should be born with. I suppose for some, it comes easier, and so much depends on individual circumstances.  The overriding response I’ve always had from something I’ve said tells me otherwise; “Being a mother, is both the best and hardest thing in the world”





Storksak MEL BLOG - Baby, shopping trolley and feelings of isolation