Storksak MEL BLOG - Baby, shopping trolley and feelings of isolation



I’ve decided to start from around 18 years ago, when the youngest of our sons; we have three now, was just three or four months old. This was about four years before I started even thinking of beginning my own business.


I remember Cole was not sleeping well, and one rainy cold night, I decided to go to our local supermarket to do the shopping.  This was a first for me, and I don’t think I’ve ever done late night shopping since.


My husband was away, and I thought I might as well.  After squeezing him into the baby seat of the shopping trolley which nearly ran away whilst I was locking the car and getting my bag, I began the mindless stroll up and down the aisles, looking, but sort of not looking at the same time.  Cole was whining a little, and the ‘ticking clock’ prior to his full-on chorus was in my mind.  Suddenly I saw this mother with her three children; one in the baby seat, one sitting amidst the shopping and the last one trailing behind.  I looked starkly at her, and thought; she can do it, why am I finding this so difficult? I saw her again at the checkout, managing with all three to put all the stuff in the bags, still managing the kids, and I felt very inept. 


I’ve always wondered about that lady, and have since seen other mums with young babies out shopping and wonder how they might feel….


Looking back, the switch from working and travelling, and living quite far away from family and friends was quite a stark change, but as with most things, a lot of being a new parent is just muddling through and knowing most of us, feel the same.



Storksak MEL BLOG - Baby, shopping trolley and feelings of isolation