10 essentials for your baby travel bag

When planning to go away with your new baby it can be overwhelming deciding exactly what to pack to cover every eventuality. If you forget one thing, it can really make a difference and make travelling with your baby that much harder. We have all been there, and sometimes you feel like you are struggling out the front door with everything AND the kitchen sink!

So we thought we would compile an essentials checklist to help you check off some vital travel items to make travelling a breeze… or at least a bit easier..




1. A Snuggly 

Does your little one have a favourite cuddly toy? Or a little blankey or taggie they like to snuggle into? Get it in the travel bag!! A little bit of home comforts when they are in the car seat or buggy can help a lot with settling your little one



2. Blanket for while travelling 


Just to add to your baby’s comfort, pack a little blanket so that they’re warm, comfy and snuggled up on the journey. If you’re on a long journey, it’s so much easier if your little baby can sleep for majority of it! You can tuck them in and hopefully they will go for a nice long nap, which is fabulous when you're on a long car or train journey.



3. The insulated FAB bag 

Rather than just a bottle holder, get yourself an insulated FAB (food and bottle) bag! The bag means that you can prepare your little one’s meals in advance before leaving and then have them still fresh and warm (or cold) while travelling. You'll know you have all the snacks in one place and its easy to grab when your hands are already full because of it's easy grab handle. Great snacks include, boxes of raisins, cut up fruit, fruit leathers and pouches are also pretty handle for mess free snacking on the go. 




4. Baby wipes.. So many Baby wipes!


Baby wipes are a MUST HAVE while travelling. Lets face it, they are a must have for life! They’re there for cleaning up any spills or messes and giving baby a wipe down after meal time. (And even if you need to freshen up yourself!).


We recommend getting yourself a baby changing bag with an easy wipe pocket. The easy wipe pocket allows you to dispense baby wipes one handed (clever!) and is perfect for quick clean ups on the go. A dream when travelling and on your holiday generally.



5. A good changing bag!

You need a good baby changing bag.

Plenty of pockets is something we swear by! We know how stressful it can be when you can’t find something while on the go. So plenty of pockets means you can organise your baby essentials, your personal items and zip pockets allow you to keep valuables safely hidden away while travelling. Nappies, toys, your little one’s dummy, your purse, your phone- can all be stored away safely.

You may have to fold down your buggy so if you have all your baby things in one place you can sling it over the shoulder and you're good to go. Most airlines allow the baby to bring an extra bag on for free, so this won't even cost you on flights!



6. Change of clothes for your little one

Wherever you’re going, it’s always good to have back up clothing for your Baby. If you have a good size baby changing bag or travel bag, this can be done easily by storing clothes away in large compartments. Spare vests, socks, tops, take the lot! Definitely pack a spare outfit for your little one for situations like messy meal time! If it’s cold weather we suggest throwing in a little hat and mittens as well as a comfy baby grow so that your Baby is as comfortable as possible while travelling. 






7. Hooded towel and wash cloth


We can’t recommend enough taking a hooded towel and wash cloth. They are a stroke of genius! Compact for travelling, they make staying on holiday with Baba so much easier. The wash cloth is kind and gentle against your Baby’s skin made from super soft Bamboo, while the hooded towel is luxuriously soft and super absorbent, keeping your little one warm while drying off. (Great for bath time or by the pool!)




8. Wash and Bath toilet set


When we launched our organic bath and body set, we decided it was really important to make a travel kit with compact versions of our products stored together in a little travel wash bag. This means you can just stick it straight in your change bag and you have everything you need for bath and bottom time! Its called the little traveller, for obvious reasons, and we hope it will make bath time simple when on holiday.   



9. Games for travelling


Bored children make unhappy parents! Activities are essential on a long journey. From 6 months onwards there should be something to help distract your baby or little one. We recommend an activity sensory toy with crinkly feet, dangly bits and hard and soft elements for your 6-12 month olds. For 1 years plus a colouring in book with crayons is good and for the slightly older child and toddler we can't praise a kids magazine enough. Usually they come with a little toy, stickers, colouring in and for some reason even small children who can't read enjoy leafing through a mag! We won't deny at the slightly older stage the ipad or portable DVD player is very useful as a fall back as well!






10. Bit random- but seriously.. PLASTIC BAGS!


Get yourself a few small plastic bags for on the road. You’d be surprised how handy they are, whether you need to bag up some dirty nappies, food wrappers or used wipes. Plastic bags are THE ONE and you can throw it all away easily at your next rest stop!





We hope this has helped with any worries you new parents have if you’re going away with your little one. As experienced Mums we know that travelling with a Baby can be difficult so these 10 essentials should make your journey far easier and much more stress free!


Happy holidaying!